Console Wallpapers


Looking to infuse your desktop with some classic gaming goodness, down to the simulated scanlines? We might have just what you’re looking for. Below you’ll find previews for 1920×1080 widescreen resolution wallpapers that depict gameplay from classic console games. Click the thumbnails below to bring a larger image up on your screen. While these wallpapers are designed exclusively for a 1920×1080 screen, you may find them acceptable to scale to your screen size, although you’ll lose some of the details in the process. As artistic depictions of gameplay with scanlines, many of these images do not reflect any exact scene from the games they are about, and they are all quite busy–I make no guarantees that any of them will work effectively with your desktop layout.

Although the preview may not show the image at its full size, you can right-click and save the image, and it should be the proper 1920×1080 size after doing so. Please do not repost these wallpapers to any other website. Thank you.

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