Dec 272010

It’s that time of year again–or at least it was two days ago: time to give gifts, receive gifts and eat lots of food. The food is (mostly) done and, since this is my blog, I’m not going to bother discussing the stuff I gave to other people. For some of that, you can read here.

As for me, I got off exceptionally well this year. There can be no doubt that the limited budgets of friends and family were spent very wisely. In the realm of games, I got four awesome titles. Fallout: New Vegas was probably the game I was most looking forward to this year, considering a) my love of RPGs; b) my love of the post-apocalyptic milieu; and c) that I just spent 120 hours on my second playthrough of Fallout 3 (and still haven’t touched The Pitt or Broken Steel.) Dead Rising 2 was the other game this year that I really had my eye on, since I played through the first game at least three times. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is a welcome addition. I never finished the first game and haven’t touched the second, but I’m looking forward to this. Finally, Alan Wake rounds out the game list, promising to provide a very different experience than the others. Dead Rising 2 and Alan Wake came in collector’s edition packages, which included goodies like an artbook, DVD, and soundtrack.

Speaking of soundtracks, I got one of those, too. Although the budget for this year hasn’t allowed me to add them to my collection willy-nilly, game soundtracks are still an important thing to me, and I got an awesome one. Nikki managed to pick up an unopened copy of the X-Men: Children of the Atom. This was a pretty awesome game we used to play back in the day on our Saturn. An unopened soundtrack from 1994 that goes to a popular game is a pretty big deal, so I’m pretty psyched about adding this to my collection. :)

While not a total standalone game per se, Nikki grabbed two copies of the City of Heroes Going Rogue expansion, which comes with everything needed to turn our City of Heroes gaming experience on its head, as well as a month of pre-paid gameplay. So, when we desire we can return to the game, take our would-be comic hero experiences to new levels and do so for a month without having to worry about that whole “paying” thing.

For those times when my hands get tired of playing (sacrilege!), I acquired things to watch: seven DVDs of Rifftrax (six of various shorts, and one of the live riffing of Plan 9 from Outer Space); the Blu-Ray of Fight Club, a movie that everyone should see at least once in their life; and, unbelievably, a DVD with selected episodes of Starcade, a game show that I used to watch all the time in the very early 80s when it was on the air. Will nostalgia win out over the show’s assured cheesiness? I’m not sure, but I’m excited to find out. The Starcade DVD also came with two shirts, which I will wear to work and astound my coworkers with.

Lastly, although one gets plenty of experience reading in video games, doing it the old-fashioned way is good for you too. From Amy and Scott, I got both a very nice insect guide (more modern than the other ones I have, which were printed between the years of ’52 and ’80) and a classy, embossed hardback book containing seven of the most famous novels from H.G. Wells (none of which I’ve actually read before.) As a fan of sci-fi, this will be quite a treat. Nikki also got me the Advanced Player’s Guide for Pathfinder, that game whose 576-page main rulebook I read cover-to-cover recently. I will read this as well and be even more prepared for our eventual game sessions.

Not a proper book, but a game in book format, my parents got me (in addition to the usual Swiss Colony joy) a Marvel comics quizbook-style game that Nikki and I can use to reaffirm our geekdom. Since together we have more years of reading comics than Jamie and Adam do of special effects experience, it should be fun.

And that about wraps up my loot. There are other things, such as stocking stuffers, the aforementioned Christmas dinner, a week off from work, but those are stories for another time…