Oct 232010

In the absence of an actual definition after what appears to be hundreds of years of use, I am now going to lay down here for record the definition of the term “vast majority.”

Henceforth, “vast majority” shall refer to at least the halfway point between the majority and the complete totality of any given population of people or items.

Since “majority” can be defined as anything more than half (including 50.000000001% or even tinier fractions exceeding 50%) for the sake of casual use, 75% shall be the acceptable minimum for a vast majority, even though technically it should be 75% plus some at least miniscule amount.

This is not a game-related post (look for one of those this weekend), but it’s important for the world and in years to come I may have to refer back to this when I assert my place as the Father of Vast Majoritism.

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